SQL Interactive Course

A comprehensive SQL course designed to change the way you think about SQL forever. Together we will walk the path to understand how this language works and gain all the necessary skills to use it effectively at work.

Module 0
In this short module, we'll take a look at how this course's platform works and learn how to get the most out of it. And also get information about our community.
Module 1
This module is designed to give you a basic understanding of databases and fill in potential gaps. Also in this module, we will get acquainted with the terminology of relational DBMS.
Module 2
Basis of selection I
In this module we will learn how to write our first SQL queries, deal with such important concepts as conditional selection, sorting and data grouping.
Module 3
Basis of selection II
We continue to write increasingly complex select queries: we learn how to get data from several tables, write subqueries, and get acquainted with a common table expression.
Module 4
Data manipulation
In the previous modules, we learned how to write select-only queries, it's time to fool around more seriously: we get acquainted with adding, updating, and deleting records.
Module 5
Advanced SQL
Let's start learning more advanced SQL topics and delve into the ones we've already covered.
Module 6
Databases and tables
It's time to work not only with ready-made databases, but also learn how to create your own.

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