Course structure

This course is divided into 6 modules, not counting the introduction module. Each module can be considered as a mini-course, which aims to study a certain group of knowledge in the field of SQL.

Although the modules can be completed independently of each other, we still recommend taking the course in order.

At the end of most practical topics there is a block "Tasks for self-testing" so that you can immediately practice using new knowledge.


During the course of this course, you will meet possibly non-standard components, so it is described below how to interact with them.

Block of executable code

Perhaps the most popular component will be the executable code block, it looks like this:

SELECT "Hi, I'm code playground 😊" AS hello;

If it has an active blue button, then this code can be executed. When you click on the request execution button, the code will open in a new tab in the sandbox.

Description of the block with executable code

Self-testing tasks

It is strongly recommended not to skip the tasks at the end of each article, they look like this:

Description of self-test tasks

It is recommended to solve problems while logged in, so all your solutions will be saved.

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