About the course

This course, aimed at learning SQL, is designed differently than most other courses. We will not try to learn all possible sets of SQL functions, instead we will focus our attention on the principles of how queries are constructed and on the basis of which operators these queries are implemented.

To achieve this goal, the course is equipped with a large number of exercises that should help build the very necessary connections in our brain, so that in the future you do not have to think much when making queries to databases.

During the course, we strongly recommend that you cultivate a "growth mindset": if you encounter any difficulties trying to understand a new topic or doing exercises, try to transform the frustrating experience into a productive one.
And the most important thing in this course is have fun!

Take the course publicly

You can take the course publicly and share your progress - it's a great way to motivate yourself. Please feel free to talk about your success during the course on social networks and streaming services. You can use the hashtag #sql-academy if you want.

Device support

This course is designed to pass from a computer and laptop - the most optimal devices for writing SQL queries. The course can also be taken from a tablet or from a phone, but some functionality may not be available or work incorrectly. Please treat this with understanding.

How our site is organized

How our site is organized

There are 3 main sections on our resource, each of which will be useful in different ways:

  • Course - is your step-by-step assistant when learning SQL. It presents consistent, structured materials, as well as related exercises to consolidate knowledge.
  • Trainer the simulator is a tool to test your knowledge. The tasks in it are ranked by difficulty, so you can choose the ones that are suitable for your current level. Also, solving tasks from the simulator is necessary to obtain a certificate confirming knowledge in the field of SQL.
  • Sandbox - is a space for free acquaintance with the structure of our databases.

In addition, while using all the sections, you can use our reference guide on SQL functions, the opening of which is available in the header of our resource.

Premium account

The purchase of premium account is an optional part, we provide the course for everyone absolutely free of charge. But it opens up more opportunities for you to study more productively, access to tasks from real interviews at top companies and gives you the opportunity to get a certificate. In addition, this is a great opportunity to support us in the development of this service.

Progress and certificate acquisition

If you are logged in, you can see the progress bar in the trainer section.

Progress bar before receiving a certificate

Once you have independently solved 50 tasks, you can obtain a certificate 😍.

Example of the certificate

Good luck with learning SQL! The first step has already been successfully completed ✨

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