Syntax of UPDATE operator

For editing records in a table exist the SQL operator UPDATE.

General query structure with the UPDATE operator

UPDATE table_name
SET table_field1 = table_field_value1,
    table_fieldN = table_field_valueN
[WHERE the_conditions_of_the_limitations]

In the described request structure, optional parameters are specified in square brackets.

So, for example, if you need to change the name, the request will look like this:

UPDATE FamilyMembers
SET member_name = "Andie Anthony"
WHERE member_name = "Andie Quincey"

Be careful when updating data. If you skip the UPDATE operator, all entries will be updated.

Calculated Values

In data update requests, you can change values ​​based on previous values.

UPDATE Payments
SET unit_price = unit_price * 2

It is also allowed to assign values ​​of some columns to other columns. But at the same time, of course, column types must be compatible.

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